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FileGenie is fast, reliable and secure file storage.
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FileGenie is a web based file storage system. You can upload, download and manage files by using your web browser. Access your files from any Internet accessable computer, anywhere, anytime! Our easy to use web interface makes it simple.


2012-04-21 09:00:00
> FTP now open for all

2008-04-17 04:02:00
> Weblink limits increased

Why Use Filegenie?
FileGenie provides secure online storage of your important documents. This protects your documents against catastrophic data loss such as drive failures, theft, and viruses. Virtual access means you can securely access your documents via a web-based interface from anywhere.

Who Uses Filegenie?
Our services are designed for people who cannot afford the risk of data loss or anyone who requires remote access to important documents. Our clients include professionals to students. With FileGenie, you don't have to worry about losing important data, not to mention lost time and effort.

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File Manager
Use our fast and simple web based file management utility.
FTP Gateway
Connect to your storage account with an FTP client.
SSL Encryption
Use our 128bit SSL secure servers to ensure data security.
Weblink Files
Mark files as shared and link to them externally, for such uses as ebay auction pictures.
Platform Independent
Access your account from either PC or macintosh based computers with a compatible browser.
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