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FileGenie is fast, reliable and secure file storage.
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FileGenie offers competitively priced subscription based services for our file management service. Available plans are listed on the right. All packages are automatically re-billed every 30 days unless prior notice of cancellation is requested.

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FileGenie offers subscription based services in a wide variety of packages. Packages are 30 day, rebilled automatically.

Package Storage Limit Cost
0 100 MB Free!
1 150 MB 2.99
2 200 MB 3.99
3 250 MB 4.99
4 300 MB 5.99
5 750 MB 9.99
6 1500 MB 14.99
7 2500 MB 23.99
8 3500 MB 27.99
9 5000 MB 39.99
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