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In this section you will be able to browse through current and archived news articles. We try and keep users up to date as much as possible with the upgrades and events that happen.

  More Storage
 2018-03-04 05:03:01 [Steve]
> We have recently upgraded all users to 250MB of storage. Enjoy.

  New uploader
 2016-12-16 10:09:32 [Steve]
> We have just rolled out the new drag and drop uploader. You can now simply drag your files into the upload window and watch them upload with a progress meter. We will be shortly removing the old upload functionality. Please let us know if you have any issues.

  Limits Increased
 2016-12-14 09:11:46 [Steve]
> We have just increased the storage limit of all of our packages, including the free package. Enjoy!

  Site Fully Encrpyted
 2016-12-14 08:51:29 [Steve]
> We have modified the site to run fully in SSL/HTTPS.

  SSL Now Forced
 2016-12-14 02:35:47 [Steve]
> We have made a small change that force all client logins and activity to happen over SSL/HTTPS. This is simply added security which was optional before.

  FTP now open for all
 2012-04-21 09:00:00 [Admin]
> We've made the FTP server available for even our free package users. Enjoy.

  Weblink limits increased
 2008-04-17 04:02:00 [Sales]
> We have just doubled the weblink limit for all accounts, and quadroupled the weblink quota for all accounts. Enjoy!

  Maintence Complete
 2008-04-12 06:30:00 [Operations]
> We have just completed maintence.. All systems should be back to normal now. If you encounter any issues, please contact us.

  Upcoming Maintence
 2008-04-07 01:56:00 [Operations]
> We will be performing maintence from Friday evening to Saturday noon. There is a chance you may have difficulties connecting. Sorry for any inconvience, please try again a few minutes later and that particular service may be back online.

  Upload with progress meter
 2007-08-20 02:00:00 [Dev]
> We have just lauched into beta our new flash uploader. This will allow you to upload 1 or more files at a time, as well as see the process of them. It will show current speed of the upload and the ETA for completion of the upload. To access it, once the upload window has opened, click on the '*New* Flash' text at the top. If anyone has any issues with it please contact us using the contact form. Enjoy.

  FTP Restored
 2007-07-26 13:00:00 [Operations]
> The FTP service was restored around 12PM EST.

  FTP Down For Maintence
 2007-07-26 09:05:48 [Operations]
> The FTP service is current down for maintence. It will be back up later this evening. Sorry for any inconvience.

  Preview Re-Enabled
 2007-07-03 20:06:21 [Admin]
> The image preview functionality has been re-enabled after some upgrades.

  Support E-Mail Addresses
 2006-10-12 17:13:00 [Admin]
> We have had to change our support addresses due to spam overload. The new emails to contact for support are: support2, general2, and billing2 [-at-] Sorry for the inconvience.

  Infrastructure Upgrade
 2006-07-19 15:22:00 [Admin]
> Our systems may be intermittently unavailable between 12 and 1a m EST, due to infrastructure upgrades.

  Weblink limits raised
 2006-02-04 13:47:00 [Admin]
> We have just doubled all the weblink filesize limits. It seems files are just getting larger and larger.

  Site upgrades
 2004-03-03 12:16:00 [Support]
> We have just finished a few small site upgrades that will better help our clients. Most importantly we have installed a new payment solution. In the past we have been using a third party billing solution due to the ease of use. But lately clients have been having problems with this billing provider, so we decided to create our own solution. In the near future clients will have the ability through the client interface to upgrade or downgrade their packages, link other accounts to their credit card for billing, update billing information, etc.

  Scheduled Maintence
 2003-12-15 21:39:00 [Operations]
> Christmas comes early! We will have a period of downtime on the 23rd of december, approximately from 3PM to 7PM. We will be re-locating the servers to a new datacenter. The big bonus for the users will be the increased speeds that they will be able to achieve in the location. This means shorter upload and download times! Merry Christmas!

  Weblink Quota Increase
 2003-08-17 06:12:00 [support]
> We have doubled the weblink quota for all packages to accomodate alot of power users who use weblink for such things as eBay auctions and remote linking. Thanks.

  Power Problems
 2003-08-15 10:44:00 [Operations]
> As most clients know we have had some power issues lately as well as most people on the eastern side of north america. We are hoping it stays stable, but hydro has warned of rolling blackouts while bringing everyone back online. Sorry for any inconvience.

  TaskManager Feature
 2003-07-25 00:40:00 [Support]
> We have just added a new feature. A web based task manager were you can organize and manage tasks. Please let us know if you have any problems using it. Thanks.

  Secure FTP Support Added
 2003-07-03 08:47:00 [Support]
> We have just added support for secure ftp transfers to our site. We will be posting information about client configuration shortly on the ftp information page.

  Billing Migration
 2003-05-22 10:36:00 [Support]
> We are in the process of migrating all billing to a new provider. Our current one can no longer process VISA for us, so we are moving to another billing provider. Most VISA users will need to go throught a new payment process again. Sorry for any inconvience.

  Weblink Limit Upgrade
 2003-03-11 15:30:26 [Development]
> We have just doubled all the weblink limits for all the packages. Some users were looking for a bit more flexibility. Weblink quotas are unchanged. Thanks.

  FTP Server Ready
 2003-02-26 22:03:00 [QA Team]
> Our FTP server has been running for some time now without any difficulties. Thanks to all users who helped with beta testing it.

  FTP Server now in BETA!
 2003-01-20 02:17:25 [Dev Team]
> We have just activated our new FTP server gateway in BETA mode. You can now use a ftp client to connect to your account. Simply ftp to (port 21). Use the same login and password you use for web access. Please remember that we are currently in BETA mode, if you have any problems, please email us with the date/time/login and what you were trying to do so we can trace down any bugs. The server may be down for a few minutes at a time while we are perfoming upgrades during this process. We will be posting a detailed how-to connect to this service shorty after the BETA term has completed. Thanks.

  Merry Xmas
 2002-12-25 10:54:00 [Support]
> A merry christmas to all. 2003 will bring some new and long awaited features to FileGenie, including FTP access to user accounts, and email-in processing, where you will be able to email a file to a specific address and any attachments will end up in your FileGenie account. Have a fun and safe holiday.

  V4 Released!
 2002-11-06 02:00:00 [Tim]
> We have just released version 4 of our software. There are noticable changes. A new site design and user interface. Users now change directories using the treeview navigation in the upper left of the filelisting area. Click on files/directories to perform actions to and then the desired action along the top. Please report any errors to us right away. Thanks!

  Version 4.0 Preview!
 2002-10-21 21:02:00 [Dev Team]
> Version 4 development is WAY ahead of schedule.. You can checkout a preview here.

We are unsure of a release date, but it's not too far in the future.

  New version!
 2002-09-08 12:11:00 [Dev Team]
> We have just released the latest beta version of our system. New features include unlimited directory support as well as sorting filelistings by name, date or size. If anyone has any problems or encounters any errors with the system, please email with a detailed description so we can investigate. Hope you enjoy.

  128Bit SSL Online!
 2002-06-18 18:54:45 [Dev Team]
> SSL is now available! When on the login page, click the link at the bottom called "Switch TO SSL" and you will be taken to the SSL login page. Please note there is 1 small known problem with the Java uploader and it not showing upload progress correctly.. We are hoping to find a solution to that problem. If you encounter any problems/errors, please email us so we can investigate. Thanks.

  SSL Almost Ready
 2002-06-14 14:58:06 [Dev Team]
> We have been testing and are almost ready to add full 128Bit SSL encryption support to the system. This will allow for full secure communications from your browser to our servers. We will post news again when it is available.

  New Version of Java Uploader
 2002-04-25 20:50:16 [Dev Team]
> We have just installed a new version of the java uploader applet. It has various small bugfixes as well as support for Netscape 6.2 running JRE 1.3.1 or greater plugin.

  Weblink Upgrade!
 2002-03-27 21:01:00 [Dev Team]
> We have just updated the weblink service to be more user friendly. Please check out the FAQ for details on how to use this service. It explains the old method and the new method. Please use the new method for all new links as the older method will eventually be discontinued. Happy linking!

  New Java Upload!
 2002-01-10 21:23:00 [Dev Team]
> We have just released the new java upload system. It allows multiple uploads and has a progress meter. To access it, when inside the upload window, click on the JAVA tab at the top of the window.

  Happy New Years!
 2002-01-01 00:14:00 [Admin]
> Just talking a minute to wish everyone a happy new years. 2002 brings alot of new and exciting things to FileGenie. New features such as java upload, folder support, and advanced sharing are just a few of the improvements we are planning to add in 2002.

  Free Service Offline
 2001-12-11 00:06:00 [Tim]
> As of midnight tonite, all the free accounts have been disabled after 30 days of notice. The accounts will sit idle for 30 days, during this period you can upgrade to a subscription and resume your account. Otherwise after the 30 days, all the account information will be purged for users personal privacy.

Again thanks for everyones support for the last few years.

  New Upload System Preview.
 2001-12-06 10:16:00 [Dev Team]
> We are almost ready to roll out the new upload system. The current system will still be available for use, but also this upgraded version with many more features.

Also be sure to act soon as the Dec 11 cutoff date gets closer, either download your files or upgrade now. Thanks.

  Reminder/ Update
 2001-12-02 22:02:00 [Tim [Dev Mgr]]
> Just a reminder to all free users that they must either upgrade to a subscription or download their files before the 11th of Dec.

Also we have just completed some runtime maintence on the system. Users should not have seen any interruption, however a slowdown in service was possible during the 10 minute window.

  Free Service Discontinuation
 2001-11-11 04:30:00 [Tim [ Dev Mgr]]
> It is an unfortunate day for us, after supporting free user services for over 2.5 years to countless individuals, we will be closing our free service. Our subscription based service will continue to operate as usual. With the downturn in Internet based advertising revenue we are unable to support the astronomic amount of bandwidth the free service consumes. To read more please follow this link.

  Version 3.0C Online
 2001-09-15 08:05:00 [Dev Team]
> You must have noticed by now that the new version is online and running, apologies to anyone who got disrupted for the short time it took to switch things over. If you see or have any problems, be sure to email support so they can look into it. Thanks.

  Mail Problems
 2001-08-28 23:44:00 [Operations]
> We are currently having some problems with our mail systems, mail going in or out of the system could be temporairly delayed. This problem should resolve shortly. Sorry for the inconvience.

  DNS Issues
 2001-08-16 03:45:00 [Mark [NOC]]
> We have determined that we have had some DNS related issues over the past few days which could have been causing people problems logging in or performing operations. Common error message would be "Cannot locate server". In order to resolve this issue once and for all, we have outsourced our DNS service to UltraDNS ( who will ensure our DNS is responding to queries 100% of the time. It may take up to 24 hours to get fully switched over. Sorry for any inconvience this may have caused.

  Bandwidth Pools
 2001-08-14 17:34:00 [Operations]
> Related to the pay services, out bandwidth pooling is now fully operational. Free service useres have to compete with eachother for bandwidth priority, while pay users do not. Initial reports are that pay users have had downloads/ uploads of up to 35 times faster. I'd suggest upgrading as time is money.

  New Upload Handling
 2001-08-10 15:01:00 [Dev Team]
> We have just revamped the upload process for smoother handling of uploads. This should ensure that people see less security violation errors. Also note, yesterday we released the pay services, signup now to support FileGenie. Thanks.

  Corrupted Database
 2001-08-01 17:39:00 [Operations]
> We apologize for any errors users recieved today. We had our master database become partially corrupted and it had to be rebuilt. Rebuilding while in service causes heavy system load and that can lead to users unable to access the service. The system is now back at 100% availability. Sorry for any inconvience.

  Possible Error Fixed
 2001-07-30 01:28:00 [Jim [Dev Team]]
> We have just restarted all the servers with a new configuration. It turns out that some versions of Netscape will NOT accept compressed data streams for javascript code files. Basically this means anyone using Netscape could have had difficulties with the system for the past few days. We apologize for any disruptions.

  Webserver Upgrade!
 2001-07-25 21:12:00 [Operations [Dave]]
> Just to let all users know we have just upgraded the webserver software just now. This may have resulted in a few straggling users getting cut-off. We apologize for this, but the new server supports compressed data streams for faster loading. If you are using Internet Explorer 5 or higher you may want to check the settings under advanced for "Enable HTTP 1.1". For detailed help, please contact support. Thanks.

  Illegal Use Of FileGenie
 2001-07-23 10:10:00 [Mark [NOC]]
> Just to keep all FileGenie users up to date. Earlier today we had some users distributing files illegally from a website. Causing our system to perform much slower than normal for all users. We do not approve of users doing this and we will shut you down again and again, so don't waste time for both of us. All normal FileGenie users need not worry, it is only the occasional user who breaks system rules. Thanks.

  Storage Limit Change
 2001-06-08 07:55:00 [Operations [Dave]]
> Just to let all new users know, we have just lowered our maximum storage limit from 50MB to 25MB. We aplolgize for any inconvience but this is required to keep the system running at maximum performance. With the closing of so many other free services (Xdrive, MySpace, etc.) the influx of new users have been using up system storage at an astronomic rate. We hope to be able to increase the limit again in the future. Existing users who are using less than 25MB will have there limit lowered to 25MB. Users with over 25MB will have there limit left at 50MB until there storage goes below 25MB. Thanks.

  Purging User Accounts!
 2001-05-31 14:34:45 [Raymond [Database Support]]
> We just don't understand why people keep signing up with accounts with invalid user information?? It says right on the signup page that accounts with invalid or incomplete information will be purged from the system immediately and yet people continue to do this. Again our active role in the situation has resulted in an average of over 1000 accounts deleted daily by our support staff reviewing account information. This is vital to our system as wasting system resources on these people is not what FileGenie is all about, but rather proving the best service, speed and reliability to our huge user base. We will continue to purge invalid accounts until there are none left. We think most people must think "hey, how are they going to look through millions of accounts and waste time looking for bad ones?", well we are!

  Upload Problem Resolved
 2001-05-23 22:40:00 [Dev Team [Rob]]
> We have resolved the problem many users have reported regarding uploads. Users who attempted to upload files larger than 8MB in size, would be cut-off at any point in the upload, leaving an unsuccessfull upload. This problem has been fixed and tested. Sorry for the inconvience.

  Webshare Quota
 2001-02-28 12:07:00 [Tom [Data Storage Services]]
> Many users have already noticed that we have had to enforce a 500kb limit on files that are webshared. That is you can still flag the files as shared, but the system will not send them out to remote (anonymous) users. As of late too many users have been filling 1000's of megabytes of space and 100's of accounts with copyright material for the purpose of distribution, that has overloaded our storage and bandwidth capabilities. We hope this preventative measure will stop there efforts. If there are any users who need a larger than 500k limit for good/legitimate purposes, we apologize for the inconvience, but understand we are trying to ensure the best system performance for all users. So if you need a larger limit, please send an email to with a detailed description of what you need the limit increase for, when possible specify URL's for webpages. Thanks.

  IE5.5 Incompatabilities
 2001-01-10 19:35:53 [David]
> We have determined after several problems by users that Internet Explorer version 5.5 is not fully compatible with FileGenie. Errors orrur while a user is trying to download there files, an inforrect filename and file are transferred to them. This problem is localized to this version of IE and does not seem to exist in Netscape. We are suggesting users either DO NOT upgrade to IE5.5 until we can apply a fix to the problem or for them to use Netscape. Thanks

  Merry Christmas!
 2000-12-25 21:51:11 [Tom]
> From all of the staff of FileGenie, we would like to wish the best of the holiday season to all of our users and the best of success in the new year. On another good note, version 3.0 is back under development and we are expecting a beta release by mid January. After much delay users will be happy to see the new system in operation, especially our non-native english users who will be able to access FileGenie in there native languages... Thanks

  New Feature!
 2000-12-14 08:10:33 [Jim [Dev Team]]
> After yesterdays problem with the external global image server pools, the development team has added new features to the new system. They are preventative features that actively monitor all global servers and in the case of any point of failure, dynamically reconfigure the system around the problem so users will never know there is a problem. When server issues are resolved with a peticular server, the system will detect the server is running properly and add them back into the global pool! For some users this information doesn't mean much other than higher system availablility, but for those technical savy users it is a very interesting configuration. Please note, if the next release is delayed, we are prepared to implement this feature on the current system. Feel free to email me with any technical questions. Thanks.

  Problem with image server
 2000-12-13 17:36:34 [Mark [Network Operations]]
> Please note that for approximately an hour or so, we have had intermittent problems with an image server located in NewYork city, this has affected the ability for some users to access the system. Technicians are currently working to stabilize the server and bring the global server pool back to 100%. Sorry for the inconvience.

  Beta Release
 2000-11-19 09:23:41 [Rob [Development]]
> Just to let everyone know, we are planning a beta release of the new version 3.0 system in approximately 2 weeks. We plan on leaving the beta system up for a few weeks for users to test and report and bug related issues before switching the live system over to the new version. We hope everyone who has been waiting for the new version will be happy with it's new functionality and interface.

  System Down
 2000-11-17 15:27:09 [Admin]
> Just to keep everyone updated. You may have noticed the system was unavailable for approximately 1 hour today. We have moved our servers onto a new UPS power system to ensure maximum system availability.

Sorry for the inconvience.

  Problems With Yahoo.
 2000-11-09 14:18:12 [Admin]
> If anyone is trying to create and account with a yahoo email address, we are experienceing problems delivering mail to them.

reply: read error from

The problem appears to be on there side and hope they have it resolved soon.

  Relocation of Servers
 2000-10-05 19:20:59 [System Administrator]
> If anyone experienced any difficulties in the time area of 7:00EST, we relocated our servers to another hosting facility. This location will give us greated speed and reliability in the future. Sorry for any brief inconvience.

  HardWare Upgrade
 2000-08-19 06:23:00 [Operations [Dave]]
> I am pleased to announce that FileGenie has just undergone a large physical storage upgrade. Our total storage now is over 3X more than previously. In response to the huge demand for the service and the increase in allowed storage, this will be a common occurance in the future! Happy downloading...

  News Feature
 2000-08-19 01:59:01 [Development Team [Jim]]
> Welcome to FileGenie's newest feature. This bulletin board will be used to notify all users of such things as new features, system upgrades, scheduled downtime, etc. Please check back often!

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