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  FTP Gateway

FileGenie offers direct FTP access to your files. You can use most FTP compliant programs, to connect to our system and manage your files without having to use the web interface. FTP also provides the added advantage of allowing download and upload resumes of broken transfers.

FileGenie FTP Server

FileGenie account users can use a FTP compliant program to connect to their accounts. Tested applications include:
  • CuteFTP
  • WS-FTP
  • FTPVoyager
Most other FTP compliant programs should also work. The combination of a FTP client and FileGenies FTP Server provides a powerful tool to transfer files.

If you have difficulty with file transfers, set your FTP client transfer type to 'Passive Mode', that typically helps to access through proxy servers and firewalls.

FTP connectivity also provides the ability to resume broken uploads or downloads, a nice feature when dealing with large files.

To connect to our gateway use the following information:

UserName: Your FileGenie account login
Password: Your FileGenie account password
Port: 21

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