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This area contains commonly asked questions. Typically if you've got a question, someone else has probably already asked it. If the answer isn't here, please email us and we will respond and perhaps add it to this section.

1. Why should I use FileGenie?
Most people don't have fast, easy access to a private ftp server account or similar storage method. FileGenie provides easy access to upload, download and manage files from any WWW browser connected to the Internet. It is especially helpful to move files to and from work, home and other locations without the use of floppy disks which cannot store nearly as much information as FileGenie.
2. What makes FileGenie different from similar services?
FileGenie was created with one thing in mind. KISS. Keep it simple stupid. We wanted to ensure that the webpages would always load fast on any type of Internet speed. And also to ensure compatability with all the different web browsers available. FileGenie stands true to those ideas and thinking today.
3. What kind of files do people store on the Filegenie server?
Personally, I find it invaluable to store a copy of PKZIP, ARJ, and RAR archive programs for quickly compressing/uncompressing large programs and files. I also store a copy of a Windows(R) ssh client for connecting to remote hosts. Others find it convenient to store their resume, school and work files.
4. Where can I find help related to a certain topic?
Help can be found by clicking on the ? (question mark) icons located throughout the system. They are primairly used in the members area. If you have problems beyond them first come here to see if there is any FAQ related material, if not please contact
5. What is the best browser to use?
Any recent Firefox, Internet Explorer 7+, Chrome, Safari should work without any problems with the system. Chances are if your having a problem it's related to your browser security settings. You must ensure you have cookies enabled (default setting).
6. Where do I change my password?
When you are logged into the members area, click on the Profile Manager link in the upper left of the screen. From there you can change your password.
7. How do I use the weblink service after marking a file as shared?
Once you have uploaded the files you wish to share over the Internet, you need to change the mode of the file to shared by moving them into the directory called 'Webshared Files'. This is a special system directory and cannot be deleted or moved. Any files/directories under this can be accessed externally using:

The link above can be embedded into emails, web pages or whatever to service files, images or whatever.

Be sure to change the 'USERNAME' with your client login and the filename.ext with the file that you have enabled as webshared. Please note! Filenames with spaces, apostrophe's and quotation marks are sometimes trouble for our system to handle.. Avoid them at all costs. Also note that files ARE case sensitive and you must specify the FULL name. 'graphic' is not the same file as 'graphic.gif'.
8. What do I do if I've lost my password?
Click on the ' Forgot your password? Click here. ' link to the very right of the login bar. From there you can enter your system login id or email and the system will email you your password.
9. How do I cancel my account?
EMail from the email the account was created from requesting it to be removed and they will process your request.
10. Do you optimize images?
No we don't currently do that - if you wan to optimize jpeg files for size before uploading - please use:
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